Limitless advantages

Limitless advantages

Indulge our enthusiasm when we talk about the advantages of heating paints. It is pure passion for our work and our product. Some compelling arguments:

1.) No more moist walls/mildew

2.) Perfect insulation without added materials

3.) No more hazardous and/or poisonous agents in the house

4.) Can be easily installed and is abolutely invisible

5.) Best distribution of warmth in comparison with other heating systems

6.) Best efficiency, warms up all cold spots

7.) No tanks or pipes required in the basement

8.) Also runs on solar electricity coming from your roof

9.) No maintenance

10.) Total measurability of all processes involved

11.) Soon controllable by „artificial intelligence“

12.) Radiation of warmth similar to your body's

13.) Airing without loss of warmth

and many other advantages.....



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Limitless advantages