Safety and competition

Safety and competition

Naturally our technologies are copyrighted.

For the insulation plaster as well as for the heat paint exist utility models.
Each detail of our technique is patented.

This is why we ask our competitors not to copy us or to try doing so.
First of all we would like to welcome everyone as a partner within our ranks. We help young companies to get established in the market and help established traditional business to obtain their position. But we simply will not allow anyone to copy us.

We want every competitor to know the following:

Lots of experience is needed to not only create our heat paint, but also to apply it properly by doing the correct math. This is where we save the money of our costumers – we already have the knowledge needed.

There is a great deal to be considered when using our product:
The physics of the heater, different houses and surfaces for which you need the right tools to measure everything correctly…

Better for all our competitors not to compete with us but to join our team. We provide fair prices for all potential partners.



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Safety and competition