Partners in the craft itself

Partners in the craft itself

Many firms/companies are already partners and work on orders we received to install heat mats and heat paint.

In Europe we are looking especially for people working in the field of dry construction, painting, electricity and (of course) heating installation, who would like to get access to the market of heat and insulation wall plaster and mainly heat paint. You will receive a professional training and a certification for the installation of our heat systems.

In addition, you’ll have full access to a virtual university on www.infrarot-uni.com. Here you can learn and easily revise yourself from wherever you are the most important facts about selling, the process and areas of application of our heating systems.

Please contact us for the conclusion of a partner contract. Aside from the training you will have no further costs, because we are happy to take care of all the necessary further steps (like your own website and media work) for you. More information about the training can be found here: www.carbon-4-training.com.  

You will be ensured very good commissions and percentages when helping us to revolutionize the heating market!



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Partners in the craft itself