Green electricity

Green electricity

Naturally, electricity has to be generated before it can be used. You can be the best source yourself by using by using your own wind or solar energy system.

Not everybody, though, has that possibility, and in that case your electricity has to come from a local supplier. Don’t worry, though!  After installing our system your electricity bill will only slightly rise, but your heating costs will vanish completely. You will save handsomely!  

It is important to realize that a power plant run on fossil fuel will always have a much higher efficiency than your fossil-based heating at home. But it is a different story with electricity-based heating systems. They are more efficient and environment-friendly, especially if all the electricity comes from sustainable sources. And even if that is not yet the case, our heating systems are more ecological, given their low energy consumption and zero emittance of noxious agents. With more and more green electricity at our disposal there will soon come a time when heating will be affordable and environment-friendly. Provided, of course, everybody takes advantage of our innovative low temperature radiant heat system.

Help us to save the planet! Now!!!



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Green electricity